Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bug Has Got Me

Graeme took off this whole week. We had the entire week spelled out of things we were going to do, who was going to do what, etc. I was looking forward to getting a few things done. I haven't looked at the lists. It seems I have caught a nasty cold-bug which has me hacking until my muscles hurt. All my big plans out the window.

I am thankful that Graeme is home though. It would be hard to do much of anything feeling this sick. And, I suppose you could say I'm getting some R&R. Isn't that a funny thing, Moms have to get sick to get R&R!

Another thing I am most thankful for is my hubs. He is so good with the kids and he doesn't complain that his plans were messed up and that he has to clean up pee-pee. He took the kids to his fav. store, Radio Shack and came home and made them a cardboard house for their animals complete with a light with a switch. They were so excited, and I thought him rather brave to take all three kids with him alone to a small electronics boutique. It was reported that Noah did dent some packaging on one of the items in the store.

He also things I deserve diamonds and a raise after being Mr. Mom for a day. :) It's nice to be appreciated, but I would like to get back on the job soon.

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Ellen said...

We are at my Sister-in-laws in Mississippi and she caught it too. Her baby and my Hope both have a cold. It's going around. I hope you feel better.