Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thomas we LOVE you!

We have enjoyed Thomas the Tank engine videos for quite some time now. However, neither Sophia nor Elijah were true Thomas fans. They watched the dvds, but the hysteria for Thomas was not there. So much so, that I sold most of our train track and stuff at our yard sale this spring. I sold too soon. My little boy has become a Thomas fanatic. His first word for train was, "Tomish". He lurves Tomish with a passion. I am soooo thankful that my mile a minute never stops moving boy likes to sit still and watch Thomas for 20 minutes or more at a time.

A few weeks ago, Noah was tired and cranky, so I put a "Tomish" on for him because I could tell he was tired. I think he woke up early that day. I went out of the room and came back to find the fan of the number one engine out cold on the family room floor. It was too cute.

Why is my sleeping boy so irresistable? Now that he's down to the one nap, he is really tired at nap time and every day, if I hold him long enough he will fall asleep on me. It is so sweet. Its one of my most relaxing moments of the day, rocking my almost two year old and watching him such his thumb and hold onto his "geen gankey" (green blanket) for dear life. I liken it to nursing a newborn. Its so peaceful and sweet.

I'm so thankful to have these special moments to cherish with my "baby". He grew up so much faster than the others and I love having one last "baby moment" with him.


No No Nanette said...

I was rocking Katie to sleep today and thinking the same thing, that it is almost as good as nursing. It was so weird to read my thoughts on your blog!:)

I love holding my sleepy girl. Too soon and they are too big. But then you will get a tiny one soon - I'll have to borrow him/her from time to time:)

joy said...

such a cute little sleepy man.

just today, we bought Emma a toothbrush from Target. the handle has 2 Thomas trains on it, AND AND plays the Thomas theme song for TWO minutes! u should definitely get it for your little man for Christmas!

Katina said...

Thanks girls.

Joy - thanks for telling me about the toothbrush. I am so going to get one for him for Christmas. He's so hard to buy anything for because he doesn't need anything and I don't want to add junk for no reason, but that would be a fun and useful gift! Thanks!