Sunday, November 23, 2008

Potty Fest 2008

I have been on a little bloggy break because my littlest man is potty training. We started last Tuesday, and he seemed to start to get the hang of it on Sunday. I was so thankful for some progress. It was all week with nothing...but accidents.

Potty training is not my maternal forte. I dread it like childbirth. But, like childbirth, its a necessary progression, and its good to get started. Childbirth is only the beginning. There are weeks of sleep deprivation, physical weakness and pain, etc. But birth is good, because it is the beginning. So is potty training. It's only the beginning of rushing to the potty and numerous accidents and frustration, but its good to take the first step and get started.

Bravo, little potty boy, potty on!

Isn't he a cute little thumb-sucking, potty training, care bear holdin' boy? His "geen ganket" (green blanket) is his favorite, and it has accompanied him all week to the even was partially submerged in the potty....oh the joys....

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Ellen said...

How old is he? My Hope just turned 2 in September. I haven't been pushing. She doesn't seem too interested even though she takes off her diaper. What do you think?