Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Sweetie turned four...

Elijah turned four last month and I never posted more than one picture...ooops. We had a extended family party for he and Grace at my sisters, but on his actual birthday, we celebrated at home. Here are a few pictures from October 16th, the birthday of my big, dark, brawny little man.

While he was napping, Sophia and I got ready for "the party". Here are the bright eyed boys after their nap. They were very happy that Jell-o was on the menu.

Eli with something in his mouth.

What was my little man's birthday request? "I want those things where you blow them and they go out". He was very happy to find "blowers" on the table....it doesn't take much to please.

Elijah and his Birthday Bread. I got this castle bundt cake pan for my birthday...the kids love it.

Opening a present or two. Look at that shiny hair. I love my boys hair. It is just like Graemes! Straight, soft, and silky.

Opening my favorite birthday present...

A booster seat! Yay, no more car seat buckles. Elijah can now lawfully ride in a booster seat. I am soooo happy to only buckle one buckle instead of three!!!!!!!!!! I live for the day they turn four!

Elijah is our sweet little pleaser. He is most likely to tell you he loves you for no reason or to want to cuddle up on the sofa. He is least likely to be spontaneous. He is one track minded, greatly dislikes abrupt change. He is the routine keeper, the truck lover, the wild animal impersonator, hunter, "fighting man" (soldier) of the house. He can eat faster than anyone except me in this house. He is the first to tell me he loves my cooking and to eat it all and beg for more (I love that). He is the least likely to get into mischief but the most likely to cry in exasperation. He was our quiet baby turned noisy four year old. He is a boy's boy, there's nothing pansy about him. He's boy and boy and boy. He brings laughter, crumbs, dirt, rocks, lots of sticks, tears, eczema and unbelievable joy into our home each and every day.

I love you my big four year old boy!!!!

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Dear Abbi said...

I love how eczema was added to the line-up. Can you tell it's winter?

These pics are great, and the booster seat..woo-hoo for 4!

Happy Birthday, big Slovak boy! We love you too!!