Saturday, November 22, 2008

Super Savings Saturday: Giant PA

I had a very fun time this week at Giant!

GiantPa has a great promotion for their gas stations. Basically, you get 1 gas points for every dollar you spend (before coupons..teehee!). 100 points = $.10/per gallon off gas. Almost every week there are also deals where if you buy 8 of a group of items you get an additional $.20 off per gallon. There is no limit to the number of $.20 deals you do each week. This week I did 2 of the $.20/off deals three times each!

Here's what I spent on all the goodies pictured above:

Total before coupons: $157.17

Total savings: $83.96

Total OOP (out of pocket cost to me): $74.33

BUT, it gets better! This trip I earned $1.30/per gallon off of my gas. Now my big huge minivan tank takes 25 gallons of gas. That's an additional savings of $32.50! So, you could say I spent $41.83 on all those groceries. I love a good shopping week!!!
CVS was fun this week too, but I don't have pictures to post. Let's just say I got a LOT of cheap batteries, just in time for all the battery sucking Christmas toys! :)


Jen said...

I love earning gas points! We have a Martins (same as Ginat).

Christy said...

You did great. Wow! I would love to earn a gas discount like that. I am jealous.

No No Nanette said...

Even CP would approve, Wondershopper!

Awesome deals!

jfrogster said...

wish we had these store where I live! :)

Jendi said...

We absolutely LOVE Giant Gas points. We gave my MIL an extra card with our Bonus pts number on it. She uses it when they get prescriptions - it racks up the points!