Saturday, August 30, 2008


It all started so innocently, Sophia and her girlfriend, playin' dollhouse in our bedroom.

There was a neatly set up dollhouse with all the trimmings.

Whoa there...what's this. Is there some sort of captial punishment going on here?

I just can't believe it happened in our town. To the FP Loving Family of all people! Even ye olde slovak mama was not exempt.

I asked Sophia why they strung their dolls from strings. Her reply, "they wouldn't marry". Imagine if we did this to all the single gals of the world.

Along these same lines, the other day Elijah told me he wanted a fighting man with a sword for his birthday. I asked him why and he replied, "so he can chop heads". I was so surprised. Is this normal boyness? The most violence he's ever seen is Milo and Otis...huh?


Melissa said...

hahahahaha, that made me laugh -- hanging them b/c they wouldn't get married!! :) So cute. I remember my sister and I used to make our Barbies get married and then have a baby the very next day!

Dawn said...

I used to wonder about my boys and their attraction to violence and where could they have possibly learned such things...until I thought about the Bible stories we were reading to them...David and Goliath, Gideon, Joshua and Jericho or even Jesus on the cross. At least for my boys I found the source. :)