Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Famous Bedroom

Do you remember our bedroom conundrum from earlier this year? We couldn't decide what color to paint our bedroom. We also had major curtain issues. Here are some ever so lovely before pictures of the room for your viewing displeasure.

I think the room was confused. Green paint, Red/rust bedding. Tan curtains. I was clueless. I knew I liked the bedding, but I didn't know what to do about it. Enter Antique Mommy's design blog. If you click the hyperlink to her blog, you'll have to scroll down a few posts to read what she had to say about our bedroom.
Our bedroom is now my favorite room in the new house. I am in love with the dark, rich color. It's so cozy and warm. I am so thankful for Antique Mommy's design blog. Her posts really helped me learn fundamental design knowledge. I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to buy a cute accessory for the house, but I didn't because Antique Mommy says to work big to small; meaning start with the biggest parts of the room (paint, furniture) then move to windows then to the small accessories, etc.

I love all the accessories and am totally bored with the process of curtains and the boring nitty gritty hanging of pictures, etc. I just like to get things done, but I learned that I need to start big and get the big obnoxious things done first and then move to the fun parts. I think a lot of the reason I don't like the big things are because they are things that Graeme has to do, but Daddy's in demand and I don't like to always bug him to do more decorating when there are three little kiddos anticipating his arrival home and wanting to "play wrestle" with him. It's such a balance, you know!?

So here are some pictures of our bedroom. For the record, the Ficus tree from Jamesway circa 1995 has to go, but that's for another time, so let's just imagine that it's a beautiful african palm tree, shall we?

Now I'm on to the master bath...any ideas on what to do in here? The topiary is outta there...doesn't fit the look.

4 comments: said...

Wowee girl, you did a great job with the bedroom. I love that color!

Jendi said...

The bedroom does look great!

I think you should tie that color in to the bathroom somehow, but I'm no design expert.

I passed an award on to you. If you're interested check out my blog.

Katina said...

Thanks AM, but you are the one who had the idea.

Thanks for the award Jendi!

imjustsayin said...

I love the bedroom. We have the same quilt in our room, and I'd love to know the paint color you used on the walls. It looks great!