Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been one of those weeks

You know, the kind that you want to smile about...Knoebels on Monday, buggy ride on Thursday, fitting in those last fun trips before school begins... But you get worn out from and try to act bright eyed...

And when things are finally looking brighter you lock you keys in your car far from home and try to get "help" from a bossy amish man... Til finally you decide to just head straight for the booney lin (that's looney bin in sleep deprived parent you speak that language?) instead...

I'm so glad Daddy's almost home for a whole three days. I locked my keys in the car right before our amish buggy ride and after several attempts for help from the owner of the buggy rides and some other people we finally got a locksmith to come and get the keys out...ack!

Some weeks I get discouraged because by Thursday my laundry is folded in baskets but still not put away (I do laundry on Monday, almost each and every week). This week, I was just so happy that it was in a basket at all by Friday. Why is laundry directly related to mental stability for the SAHM? Why are there no sheets left even though I just did the laundry? Why is my face beginning to have wrinkles? Why does my table have a white film on the top of it?

I think I know the answer to the last question...because when a little boy puts "a little bit of salt" on his cucumbers, he in fact, dumps salt all over his plate. Then his inquisitive little brother decides to investigate and there you have the white salt film residue. It took me all week to figure that one out. I just kept wiping and wondering.

So, my week in a nutshell, getting dunked and trying to come up for air in between. Some weeks are just like that, and I need to learn to give thanks for the bad right along with the good. The Lord knew each problem that would come my way this week, and he intended them for my good. "In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God, in Christ Jesus concerning you." "Giving thanks always for all things." Even when they sip chicken noodle soup with straws and shoot their noodles out the ends of the straws at each other.

Priceless moments, people.

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Jendi said...

What a week you had!
Love the pictures that get crazier as they go. On you, anyway..

My kids haven't shot noodles at each other, yet. Glad yours are to far away to show them how. ;)

Oh, and I quite agree with the laundry/stability thing even though I don't know the answer. I do mine on Thursdays.